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Apostille is legalization procedure for those countries who signed Hague Convention. Convention was meant to simplify complicated, long and expensive procedure of documents preparing for filing into foreign competent authorities.


Cost of Apostille in Ukraine

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This procedure differs for different documents. Some cases require documents territorial verification before their submission for sealing.
Apostille cost for:

  • birth certificate;
  • marriage certificate;
  • diploma;
  • school leaving certificate;
  • affidavit;
  • power of attorney;
  • translation;
  • notarized copy

Apostille cost depends upon a document type and also upon destined country requirements and varies from UAH 150 to 500. Terms from 1 day (notary papers, notarized translations) up to 40 days (old type educational documents). Cost may go up if you need your package ready urgently.

Sometimes receiving party demands Apostille for notarized translation. But before this stage originals must bear corresponding seal. Stage two is Apostille translation and notarization. Thus total cost includes all of these three stages.

Exceptions list enter originals of documents as follows:

  • passport and other verifying documents;
  • old type certificates

What to do if you need to get Apostille on your passport? Following Ukrainian regulations aposilled may be notarized copy of such documents. Our specialists will help you understand execution terms and if there are any mistakes or drawbacks found we’ll help you eliminate them as quickly as possible.

We can’t apostillize interior corporate and banking references, tickets, medical statements of improper formalization. Papers submitted for apostillization must contain seal bearing a coat of arms belonging to competent authority, private or public notary.


Consultations regarding Apostille


To find out your package formalization cost you may call or send your request via email. We consult our clients on a free basis.




We deliver your order to you with the help of any delivery service available in Ukraine you choose. We do not charge extra fee for this service. You pay for delivery according to preferred company pricelist.







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