Police Certificate

Emerged a necessity to get Police Clearance in Ukraine? Do you hesitate whether apply for it independently or address professional company? Where to get Apostille for the document and make it notarized translation? Isn’t it better to obtain everything at one office?

Police Certificate is issued to certify that applicant has no criminal history or the latter is clear. Some competent authorities depending on the purpose of documents filing, include it into their requirement list. For instance, to enter Australia and get temporary residence permit you must provide appropriate references from all the countries you lived in within past 10 years.


Price for Police Clearance

Prcie Term 
5 days 200
3 days 220
2 days 250
24 hours* 350

* By placing an order till 10-00.

You can apply for Police Clearance in Ukraine independently. Surely it means personal presence in all relevant offices. No need to tell about immense time losses. Another way of dealing the situation is to get necessary document at our office. All you need is:
Ukrainian citizens:

  • Relevant passport copies;
  • Certificates proving name changes (if applicable);
  • Tax number;
  • Information about purpose of obtaining a certificate

For foreign citizens:

  • Passport translation into Ukrainian;
  • Information about purpose of acquiring a reference


Period of Validity

The document remains valid within 6 months from issue date. Requirements towards the document validity period are settled by receiving authority. Thus, Spanish Consulate does not accept certificates issued more than a month before application consideration.

If above certificate has been apostillized or translated both certifying seal and translation become void after certificate expiry date.

Consequently, we strongly recommend executing this official paper after everything have been prepared. You can always contact us and ask your question.







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