Diploma & Supplement

Diploma translation for postgraduate applicants or those who intends to build career outside his native country is a crucial stage of verifying their qualification.


Diploma translation: peculiarities

Diploma and ts supplement, an academic document certifying person’s qualification and professional skills requires responsible approach towards its rendering in a foreign language. Difference in terminology may result in negative decision for an applicant. Mismatch of academic hours amount in original document and its translation may cause a refuse. All and each of above cases may probably cause time losses or even failure to proceed with your documents because of the deadlines settled. We can’t but mention financial aspect – if this happens, you’ll pay twice for one and the same service.

Another aspect that deserves mentioning is peculiarities of rendering terminology and occupation itself. One should understand that word-by-word translation may not always find native speakers’ understanding. We pick the most convenient terms and notions to deliver the best quality service.


Degree translation and High School requirements

Most frequently you won’t find a clear answer as to your documents preparing in the check list by a destined high school. If the latter is located in Schengen country then your credentials must bear Apostille. Speaking about verification for foreign authorities, notarized translation does not always fit. Prior to rendering your documents into foreign language you should clearly understand the way they should be formalized for a certain institution. A lot of details here include:

  • country, an institution locates in;
  • ownership form;
  • program and education mode you intend to be a part of etc.

There exist several ways of documents verification: Czech, Polish court translator each of which is very peculiar, Apostille for translation, consular verification etc. We’ll help you complete procedure easy. We have great experience in this field and know about all the changes taking place in Ukrainian educational system.


How to get my credentials translated

If your credentials are duly legalized, you may order their translation via e-mail by sending good quality scanned copies. It saves your time allowing visit our office once to take ready package. In case you have no such an opportunity please provide your originals or hard copies. For more details how to contact us please click here.







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